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Trade & Consumer Goods

Our everyday operations are extremely diverse, and we proudly wear our nickname “team misc”. From scarf labels to global online service terms and conditions, from particles in dishwashing liquids to massive industrial equipment – whatever your field is, we can help you. Selling is the lifeblood of a company, so we help clients limit their risks while doing that and make the process of buying enjoyable for their customers. No question from a client is too small for us, and no question is too big either – we know where to find the answers and how to make them concise. Clients who do not want to deal with extensive legalese appreciate our skill at expressing fairly complicated legal matters in simple words – even when dealing with complicated franchising agreements and distribution schemes.

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We let the numbers do the talking

In recent years our team has helped set up over 150 agencies and over 300 distribution chains; advised over 350 local and international sales as well as over 300 outsourcing, subcontracting, or procurement exercises; put together over 100 complex franchising arrangements; and drawn up over 150 licensing agreements.

Perfectly context-sensitive

There are situations where you need the most thorough regulations; on the other hand, in certain fields long agreements can be a limitation or even a no-go. We are just as well-versed in two-pagers as two-hundred-pagers, and know when each is more appropriate.

Welcoming you anywhere

We have experience with international producers, manufacturers and distributors, both large and medium-sized, setting up trading in our markets, as well as small and medium-sized local companies starting distribution elsewhere in the world – whether it’s in particular countries, exotic or not that exotic; or dozens of jurisdictions at the same time.

Reliable guide

We want everything to be smooth and efficient, whether it is navigating through the jungle of heavily regulated industries, or finding the perfect balance between consumer protection and company interests in the terms and conditions of new products from the global tech giants.

We can help you with

  • Commercial agency agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Subcontracting and outsourcing agreements
  • Purchase and licensing of intellectual property
  • Sales agreements
  • Procurement agreements
  • Advice on different aspects of distribution and trade, including consumer protection, personal data protection, language requirements and product-specific requirements
  • Trade regulations
  • Consumer protection
  • Product liability
  • EU free trade agreements
  • International trade law
  • Local trade agreements
  • Bilateral trade agreements
  • Maritime trade
  • Trade law

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