Gunta Bambāne


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About me

I am an attorney who has been practicing in a broad range of areas of law for around 10 years. Being a generalist allows me to see the big picture and a variety of solutions. Currently my daily routine is exciting  focusing on helping businesses grow by dealing mostly with different regulatory and commercial law issues.

Professional highlights

EU law: Since 2015, when I finished two co-authored chapters in the EU law textbook, EU law has been my favourite field of law. For three years I had the pleasure of representing Latvia before the Court of Justice of the EU. Due to this, I have dug deep into many EU law issues that are interrelated with national law and I have expertise in the subject.

Dispute resolution: For around four years I have been part of a dispute resolution team, where I have taken part in mostly administrative and civil law cases of various levels of complexity and in various fields. There is always another angle on how to look on a matter and I like to find it. I also use these skills to meet clients’ needs outside the court.

Regulatory and commercial: I sincerely admire how clients build and grow their business. I am happy to take the load off their shoulders and settle legal issues, by keeping an eye on the things that matter. New businesses usually come with new legal challenges, and I love to solve them.

ESG: I think we all have the obligation to be caring towards the environment and each other. This is why ESG matters to me, and I am looking forward to implementing ESG principles in business world.

Academic background

University of Latvia (LLB, LLM)

I am a member of

Latvian Bar Association