About me

As an associate and certified data protection officer, I mainly specialize in legal issues in information technology, data protection, and intellectual property rights as well as helping university students and prospective data protection officers learn about personal data protection.

Professional highlights

Industry insight. In addition to a master’s degree with a specialisation in IT law, I have acquired both legal knowledge and hands-on skills in information technology and actively follow technology trends by attending regional and international conferences. In short, I have a comprehensive knowledge of personal data protection and information security. Moreover, membership in the Latvian Association of Certified Data Protection Officers enables me to stay tuned about the latest news in data protection.

Where law meets technology. The IT law study programme covered practical aspects of law and information technology, including the basics of programming, software development management and cybersecurity. Before joining Sorainen, I advised electronic communications companies, the media and digital content providers, working to ensure clients’ compliance with the new data protection requirements. My skills and experience equip me to be a knowledgeable advisor on legal issues in the digital environment.

Mission. Information technologies are a vast and fast-growing industry around the world, and the Baltic region tends to be one of the European leaders in this area. My goal is to help clients to develop their products and services in line with regulatory requirements. As digital technologies continue to evolve faster than ever, I believe that for lawyers working in the field, this will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Academic background

  • University of Tartu (MA in Information Technology Law)
  • University of Latvia, Latvia (LLB, LLM)

I am a member of

Latvian Certified Personal Data Protection Officers Association