Lukrecija Urnevičiūtė

Assistant Lawyer


Lithuanian, English




About me

As a legal assistant in the firm’s Corporate and M&A team and student at a world-leading law school in London, I can capitalise on my bilingual profile, international outlook on commercial and legal affairs, and succinct communication skills to excel in assignments that require diligence, sharp insights, and time-efficiency. All in all, I am an aspiring legal solicitor and scholar, interested in combining research and practice in finance law and the sustainable energy sector.

Professional highlights

Solid record of pursuing opportunities in law. Driven by a clear motivation to work in the legal sector, I became attuned to the ethic and culture of law firms early on. Before starting university, I interned at three regional law firms (most recently at Sorainen) and one in-house office in Lithuania, exploring different practice areas and the typical fast-paced dynamic characteristic of law firms. In parallel to expanding my vocational skill set, I have actively pursued opportunities in law as an academic discipline. Attending a Corporate Finance Law Course and being a part of the research community at my university has exposed me to a wealth of academic material on deal mechanics, financing, negotiations, and legal draftsmanship.

International profile. I have been involved in international education since 2017, when I spent two years in Denmark studying towards the International Baccalaureate diploma. In 2019, I relocated to the Netherlands to explore comparative European law, specialising in corporate finance law. In 2020, I commenced a qualifying law degree at the London School of Economics. In light of my experiences abroad, I am up to the challenge of dealing with international business clients and accommodating universal sector-specific standards.

Eagerness to grow. I am a reliable, conscientious, and intelligent individual striving for excellence in all of my professional endeavours. I am intellectually rigorous and thrive when afforded responsibility and freedom of thought. Eagerness to grow is, in my view, a key quality for any aspiring lawyer; my eagerness manifests in continuous self-improvement, identification of strengths, and treating weaknesses as opportunities to learn.

Academic background

  • London School of Economics and Political Science, UK (LLB in Laws (Hons) to be obtained in 2023)
  • Maastricht University, the Netherlands (European Law; European Corporate Finance Law Excellence Course)