Monika Balčaitienė



Lithuanian, English




About me

I am an associate with the Dispute Resolution team and a legal assistant. My main area of specialization is public procurement. I advise clients on various public procurement issues and represent them in related disputes in courts and other institutions.

Professional highlights

Courtroom advocacy. The accumulated experience of representation in courts and work with public procurement procedures provides an opportunity to predict possible procedural steps and offer the client the best solution. I represent clients in all courts, both in civil and administrative disputes. Experience in a state institution allows you to understand the specifics of the public sector, the main principles of legal acts and their scope of application.

Public procurement. I advise clients on public procurement issues, and I help purchasing organizations and suppliers successfully participate in all stages of procurement.

EU funding matters. I also worked with projects and procurements financed by EU funds and solved the issues arising, so I advise individuals, legal entities and state institutions on these issues.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)