About me

I am a counsel with the firm’s Dispute Resolution & Risk Management team and head of our Public Procurement & Public Projects practice in Lithuania. My extensive experience in organising, executing and overseeing complex tenders in different sectors enables me to offer exact solutions to our clients.

Professional highlights

Management and execution of public procurement procedures. I have a decade of experience leading the public procurement departments of the largest contracting authorities in Lithuania. My track record includes personally overseeing challenging public procurement projects – construction of new hospitals, new IT systems and infrastructure, unique and highly specialised scientific equipment and many others.

Litigation experience. I represented the interests of contracting authorities and suppliers in a great number of public procurement cases, including successfully challenging and overturning a quarter of a million Euro fine awarded to a contracting authority in a landmark case over an incorrect evaluation of a tender offer.

PhD in data protection. I have defended a PhD on the topic of the application of GDPR to data transfers from the EU to the US. Along with my extensive experience in IP matters and the IT sector, this enables me to delve into complex legal problems crossing multiple fields of law.

Academic background

  • Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania (PhD in Law)
  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)