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  • Why Finland wants NATO: 20 similarities between Ukraine-Russia war and Winter War

    Publication / Aku Sorainen

    Finland has applied to join NATO, and Sweden also decided to apply to join simultaneously. Usually, Finland follows Sweden, but this time it was vice versa. Finland applied to join NATO today because it doesn’t want to be left alone as it sees Russia going back to the Stalin era. For decades Finns have thought […]

  • The Buzz in Estonia: Interview with Aku Sorainen

    Publication / Aku Sorainen

    Our founder and senior partner Aku Sorainen gave an interview under the headline “The Buzz in Estonia” to CEE Legal Matters. The interview focused on the strongest aspects of the Estonian business market right now. “A booming startup sector, unhampered by the war in the region, is the strongest suit of the Estonian market. The […]

  • The SCC East-West Forum: Arbitration in Poland and the Baltic states

    Publication / Aku Sorainen, Maria Pihlak

    On 10 September 2021, the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (the SCC) arranged the second of a series of events devoted to East-West related dispute resolution. This time, the SCC East-West Forum featured arbitration in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Our senior partner Aku Sorainen and senior associate Maria Pihlak participated in […]

  • Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of re-independent Estonia – the country of unicorns

    Publication / Aku Sorainen

    When I visited Estonia for the first time in the autumn of 1991, I was amazed at how much rubbish and junk lay around the grim factory buildings. A couple of years later, many of those grim factories were bankrupt and Estonian industrial production and exports collapsed. Even years later, I wondered how Estonia would […]

  • Aku Sorainen shares our firm’s story in an interview with Globe Law and Business

    Publication / Aku Sorainen

    Globe Law and Business interviewed our firm’s founder and senior partner Aku Sorainen for their Special Report The People Who Run Law Firms: Lessons Learned from Law Firm Leaders. In the interview, Aku shares our firm’s story – how the firm was founded in all the Baltic states, the ups and downs, the lessons we […]

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