Globe Law and Business interviewed our firm’s founder and senior partner Aku Sorainen for their Special Report The People Who Run Law Firms: Lessons Learned from Law Firm Leaders.

In the interview, Aku shares our firm’s story – how the firm was founded in all the Baltic states, the ups and downs, the lessons we have learned over the years, and gives an insight into our firm’s culture.

“Nobody believed in it. Because these countries still had different languages, they had decided to go in different directions with their legislation. They all came from the Soviet Union with the same legislation but from the early 1990s they went their own way. Estonia copied a lot of the legislation from Finland and Sweden, Latvia reintroduced legislation from before the Second World War, Lithuania tried to modernise the Soviet legislation and even copied ideas from Canada. It was a big mess. So nobody believed that there was any sense in trying to build a regional law firm covering these three Baltic countries,” Aku says.

How Sorainen has evolved into a 31-partner, 200-lawyer business law firm with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus – read the full extract of Aku’s interview in the Special Report.