Darius Raulušaitis



Lithuanian, Russian, English




About me

I am a criminal lawyer and head of the firm’s Risk Management, Corporate Crime Investigations & Defence team in Lithuania.

Professional highlights

Attorney in criminal cases. I represent the interests of victims, civil claimants, suspects and accused in pre-trial investigations and criminal cases in courts of all instances. My experience covers economic, financial, corruption, tax and other cases. I also advise on fraud, corruption and money laundering risk management issues.

Valuable experience at Prosecutor General’s Office. The synergy of my experience as prosecutor and attorney-at-law allows me to deliver top quality services and the most rational solutions for clients. Before joining Sorainen in 2016, I spent over eleven years at the Prosecutor General’s Office ‒ as Deputy Prosecutor General for half of my tenure ‒ where I was responsible for investigating economic, financial, tax and corruption offences. My work was awarded by law enforcement agencies such as the Financial Crime Investigation Service, the Special Investigation Service, the State Security Department and the police.

Active participation in the legislative process. My work at the prosecutor’s office involved membership of the monitoring committees for the Code of Penal Procedure and Criminal Code Supervision created by the Minister of Justice. Currently I am a member of the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law Committee of the Lithuanian Bar Association. In addition, I participate in international organisations of criminal lawyers and share experience at conferences and seminars as well as the Sorainen Student Academy.

Academic background

  • Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania (MA in Law)
  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)

I am a member of

  • Lithuanian Bar Association (member of Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law Committee)
  • International Bar Association (IBA) (member of Criminal Law, Business Crime and Anti-Corruption commities)
  • European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA)