The Cabinet has decided that the so-called “blank media levy” will continue to be collected on the basis of the existing fee-based system rather than being transferred to a state budget system. However, it was agreed that there is an urgent need to review the list of media to which the levy applies. Discussion on this topic was spiked by a new claim for compensation filed by nine copyright societies in the amount of EUR 42 million. In 2017, copyright societies were awarded EUR 80,000 for loss of earnings between 2010 and 2013 because the Government’s regulation on the “blank media levy” did not take into account technological developments in this field. The court pointed out that, in particular, audio players (MP3 players) and computer hard drives should have been included in the list. In failing to guarantee “equitable remuneration” to right holders, the Republic of Estonia had committed a breach of Directive 2001/29/EU and the right holders had suffered monetary damage that must be compensated. The Government plans to submit a draft law amending the regulation on the “blank media levy” to the Parliament before the end of this year.