While Latvia already introduced video-conferencing mode for notary services back in 2018, it is now during times of pandemic and social distancing that remote access to notary services is very useful.

Remote access to notary services is available at DigiNotārs (www.latvijasnotars.lv) through the “Latvija.lv” portal, with all the tools available there. However, certifying a document requires electronic signature of documents. It is possible to do so both with eParaksts (qualified e-signature, issued for residents of Latvia) on the portal itself during a videoconference and with Smart-ID via the document signing site www.dokobit.com. These are prerequisites for certifying remote documents. Unfortunately, the remote service is currently limited only to residents of Latvia.

Notaries can remotely certify any document which can also be certified in person.

Remote consultation requires a technically sound internet so that there are no breaks during the video call, a quiet room, a web camera, a microphone, an e-signature, a passport or an eID card, and access to an online bank.