Sorainen has made considerable progress in the area of sustainability since releasing the first sustainability report last year. We have also experienced an expansion of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related services provided to clients. Notably, Sorainen was recognised by the Legal 500 Green Guide as the only pan-Baltic law firm with a focus on ESG. Sorainen also looks at sustainability in internal operations. The Estonian office has received the European Green Office certificate. This accomplishment is shared by only fifty companies in the country.

“There are many reasons why each organisation should dedicate conscious efforts to ESG. Let me name just one, perhaps not so often mentioned: it is a way to make ourselves feel that our actions matter, and we are making this world a better place,” says Sorainen managing partner Laimonas Skibarka.

Starting with ourselves

Over the past years Sorainen has significantly ramped up a proactive approach to sustainability and ESG initiatives. In October 2022 it became the first law firm in the region to launch a comprehensive sustainability report, covering all areas of operation. By strengthening internal capabilities, as a firm, Sorainen is positioned to both support clients and inspire other market players to adopt sustainable practices.

In addition to a dedicated cross-functional team actively monitoring and enhancing sustainability efforts, Sorainen has appointed a sustainability officer. Main competencies include overseeing and taking ownership of sustainability and ESG strategy implementation. A steering committee composed of the firm’s partners, senior management, and board members also guides the sustainability team’s work.

Focus on strategy

The Sorainen sustainability strategy is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). These goals align closely with company values. Sustainability efforts focus on four pillars: business and clients, people, societal impact, and environmental impact. Sorainen has made substantial progress in promoting sustainability and ESG values across various operational aspects, fostering a culture of innovation and ethics.

Success in ESG advisory services was driven by a team of over twenty-five experienced partners and lawyers. They have not only supported clients in pursuing sustainable business practices but have also honed the competencies required to bolster a responsible business model. Sorainen also prioritizes teamwork and knowledge-sharing, both internally and with external stakeholders. Cooperation with clients, NGOs, and students fosters rapid growth of capabilities and creates a lasting positive impact on the environment and society. Commitment to excellence and innovation propels Sorainen into the ever-evolving landscape of ESG frameworks. At the same time, the core purpose of promoting prosperity in the region inspires sustainable change within the firm and beyond, building confidence and trust for a brighter future.

sustainability strategy

The past year

As sustainability increasingly becomes an area of focus for Sorainen, the last year has seen great accomplishments over several areas of operations. Here are some of the 2022 highlights. Please read the full report for more detailed information.

  • ESG legal advice recognition: Sorainen was recognised in The Legal 500 Green Guide as the sole pan-Baltic law firm with a dedicated focus on ESG matters. A commitment to providing comprehensive ESG legal advice and support to clients helps them navigate the complex landscape of ESG legal requirements and opportunities.
  • Environmental performance: Sorainen has calculated the environmental footprint for most of their offices and is planning to complete a full assessment by the end of the year. Both short and long-term targets were set for improving environmental performance. The firm is working towards incorporating an Environmental Management System under ISO 14001, aiming for certification in 2024.
  • Document automation: Substantial progress has been made in automating document-related processes, not only for internal purposes but also for clients. Over 3,000 uses of automated documents were reached by mid-2023. This leads to increased productivity, employee engagement in more meaningful work, reduces human error, and improves services.
  • Expansion of services: In response to market dynamics and client needs, three new services were introduced in 2022. The Defense Sector Group supports clients operating in a complex industry. Sanctions Compliance services measure sanctions-related risks, and the Ukraine Emergency Room aids those affected by the war.
  • Reviving live trainings: In addition to e-learning, Sorainen revived live training sessions in 2022. This has resulted in better-informed employees and increased team engagement.
  • Enhanced IT infrastructure and security: Sorainen began a project to move server infrastructure to the cloud. The aim of the transition is enhanced information security, faster processes, and streamlined management requirements.
  • Growth and diversity: The firm welcomed eleven new partners and promoted over one hundred colleagues. A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion creates a more inclusive workplace.
  • Startup launch: In October 2022 Sorainen launched Crespect – an intelligent legal practice management platform. The spin-off company has plans to introduce the platform to international markets.

ESG services at Sorainen

“Creating an ESG framework requires a variety of advisors. A lawyer does not count CO2 emissions, but only a lawyer can adequately document business efforts in the field of ESG so that it creates business value for shareholders; is valuable and applicable in relations with investors, partners, and other stakeholders; and helps to avoid greenwashing. We will further develop our ESG service to help our clients achieve these goals,” says Vitalija Impolevičienė, co-head of the ESG Service Group.

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Read the full 2023 Sorainen sustainability report here.

Our firm places ESG principles at the very heart of our operation, and we’re consistently taking steps towards a model that will deliver sustainable business advantages and measurable value. The Sorainen ESG Policy outlines our firm-wide approach to integrating ESG principles in our business operations and processes. The policy goal is to ensure that we act responsibly and attain all our sustainable development goals.