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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Making investment decisions and organising business processes now requires skilfully navigating the environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulatory landscape, as well as an in-depth understanding of related opportunities and challenges. Our team is ready to assist you with this.

Sorainen has been recognised in the 2024 edition of The Legal 500’s EMEA Green Guide. This recognition underscores that we are a leading ESG practice in the Baltic region as well as our commitment to sustainability.

We will help you understand the sustainability-related requirements that are relevant for your business, conduct an ESG compliance audit and prepare a customised ESG programme. From protecting employees’ health and managing supply chains to building investors’ trust – we offer tailored advice on all ESG-related legal and tax issues.

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Offering or seeking green finance?

We can guide you through the requirements that apply for those seeking green financing, or can establish a green financing framework for financing providers. Green bonds, green investment funds and loans, insurance against ESG-related risks – all fields we know how to navigate.

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Creating ESG reporting mechanism?

ESG-related reporting requirements, especially for financial sector companies, are developing rapidly. If you are obliged to establish reporting mechanisms, we are ready to help you. Even if no strict requirements apply to you, you may still wish to learn industry best practices and soft law requirements in order to meet the expectations of your investors or finance providers.

Entering green energy transactions?

We have broad experience of advising clients working on green energy (solar and wind) projects, and are happy to offer our assistance with structuring transaction documentation packages.

ESG compliance - happy shareholders

Meeting the expectations of stakeholders – investors, shareholders, employees and clients – will increase trust in your business. You will benefit from a well-structured framework, including regular management oversight of ESG risks, internal policies, supply chain management and appropriate disclosure mechanisms. Our team has the knowledge in place to provide you with consultation on legal regulation and the steps required to comply.

We can help you with


  • Environmental permits and regulations
  • Natural resources exploitation
  • Health, environment and safety (HES) regulation and permits
  • Environmental liability
  • Waste and hazardous materials management
  • Renewable energy regulations and development projects (wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, hydropower, clean hydrogen, etc)
  • Environmental disputes and litigation
  • Emissions trading
  • Regulation of chemicals, including regulation, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances (REACH), biocides and detergents


  • Green bonds
  • Green loans
  • Green funds and investment management
  • Insurance of corporate and product liability, climate risk, cyber risk and other ESG risks

Governance & Compliance

  • Corporate Governance & Shareholder Relations
  • Anti-bribery and anti-fraud regulations
  • Internal investigations, risk management and disputes
  • Anti-money laundering regulations
  • Sanctions and trade compliance
  • Guidelines, monitoring and training

Commercial & Regulatory

  • Product regulations and safety (marketing and labelling requirements, certification etc.)
  • IP protection for sustainable goods and services


  • Labour rights & collective employment relations
  • Health & safety at a workplace
  • Remuneration policies and incentives
  • Whistleblowing, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies
  • Regulations on diversity and inclusion


  • Adaptation of internal company regulations and codes of practice to national laws
  • Litigation and due diligence covering all the matters above
  • Communication with relevant regulators and public institutions
  • Sponsorships and other commercial agreements between corporates and non-profits/social ventures

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