Raigo Uukkivi is a head of the Estonian tax administration. In this Tax Stories episode we mainly tried to compare Estonia and Latvia – tax systems, tax administrations & discussed Baltic unity.

Listen to the podcast here !

In the podcast you will learn:

  • Why Estonia considers revoking the reduced CIT for regular dividends and other ‘unprecedented’ changes to the tax law?
  • Which are those coming changes in the tax law?
  • About the recent fuss in the media – why tax administration might want to have data from banks about aggregated amounts going through bank accounts of companies, and what is the cause of the misunderstanding?
  • How the administration tries to be business-friendly?
  • How Estonia manages to collect more taxes with a 3x smaller staff than in Latvian tax authorities? Even over the last 2 years it was cutting staff from 1300 to 1100.