Our international telecommunications team has in-depth experience both with local operators facing extra-complicated issues and with international companies needing advice on entering the local market. In a field driven by new technology there is always a myriad of questions to answer, such as determining the type of services provided, what regulations have to be met, and whether the competition is fair. We have one mission: to establish perfect clarity in matters like these.

We can help you with

  • Regulatory and compliance matters, including licensing
  • Litigation, representation in disputes related to the telecommunication sector
  • Public tenders in the electronic communications sector
  • All types of point-to-point communications
  • All types of broadcasting and multimedia
  • All types of networks including fixed, wireless and satellite
  • Frequency allocation and numbering
  • Internet services, including OTT services such as VoIP and IPTV, new media
  • Equipment compliance
  • Consumer protection issues
  • Corporate and employment matters
  • Investment, M&A, joint ventures, partnerships
  • Project financing and insurance
  • Public procurement
  • Tax and customs, social security
  • Ethics and compliance (anti-corruption/anti-bribery regulations)

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