INTERPOL is the largest international police organisation in the world, with 194 member countries represented. It fights international and transnational crime, and facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime prevention. One of its tools is the Notice system, by which information about crimes, criminals or threats can be communicated by police in a member country (or authorised international entity) to counterparts around the world. Unfortunately, some member countries have poor human rights records or may be experiencing political instability. In such cases it can happen that notices are abused. Notices have been issued, for example, for journalists who are critical of the government in their country.

INTERPOL Notices are colour-coded, with the Red Notice being in essence an international arrest warrant. Its objective is to seek the location or arrest of a person wanted by a judicial jurisdiction or an international tribunal with a view to their extradition. As such, a Red Notice can seriously impact individuals’ reputation, freedom and assets.

There are numerous examples of member countries issuing Red Notices as part of political and economic vendettas against politically exposed persons and their families, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc – and the number is increasing.

EUROPOL has been mandated by the European Union to assist EU member states in the fight against transnational crime. It acts as a centre for law enforcement co-operation and criminal intelligence. Its officials are not entitled to arrest suspects or act without the approval of national authorities; however, EUROPOL has been used to share information among EU member states in tracking and reporting the movements of citizens across borders.

Preventive action against INTERPOL ensured

Sometimes an individual who is the subject of an investigation does not know whether an INTERPOL Red Notice has been issued for them and whether they are safe to travel without the risk of arrest. In such cases, our experts can engage with INTERPOL, seeking the disclosure of such information and supporting with removing an incorrectly issued Notice.

INTERPOL Notices removed

If an individual is aware that a Notice has been or will soon be published, our team of professionals will work out a strategy for challenging the Notice based on the circumstances of the case. We will then implement the strategy until the case has been successfully resolved and the Notice has been removed.

EUROPOL information system challenged

An individual who might be the subject of an investigation may wish to know if EUROPOL has been sharing information with EU member states, and whether they are safe to travel without the risk of arrest. Our team of professionals will engage with EUROPOL, seeking the disclosure and removal of data from their information system.

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