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We are closely monitoring the situation and invite you to approach us for assistance with business and staff-related issues. Contact or our lawyers directly.


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Sanctions compliance service

Our publications about the war in Ukraine

Ukraine related materials in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian

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For Baltic and international clients

The extraordinary situation impacting Baltic businesses – clients are turning to us asking about topics such as immigration and employment, sanctions, bank accounts, business units and contracts in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Legal aspects, such as tax exemptions on donations, are also relevant.

For clients operating in Ukraine

We are ready to help with the continuity of your business, staff/families relocation, immigration procedures, transferring business operations.

For clients doing business in Russia and Belarus

If you have questions about sanctions, your contractual obligations, business continuity, are considering halting operations/services/trade in Russia/Belarus or have other concerns, we can help assess your options.

For international law firms

Please talk to us if you need an informed contact point.

We can help you with

  • Sanctions compliance
  • Immigration and employment law
  • Contracts and disputes
  • Financial services
  • Energy
  • Data protection
  • Donations
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