Learning and development is an important part of the experience of Sorainen’s people in everyday life, as well as at major firm events. Summer Days is a special event where people from all our offices gather to connect, learn and have a great time together.

On the way to superior client experience

This year, our training focused on the topic of client experience and people from all our teams engaged in interactive sessions. Client experience is created not only by our legal experts, but by every department of business services too – participants in the training had a chance to share their thoughts on how they contribute to our clients’ journey and what they could personally do to upgrade it.

We also invited our clients to share their insights about two main topics:

  • how their companies define client satisfaction, set and achieve targets
  • how legal service providers could help their companies to improve their clients’ experience.

Becoming more aware of ourselves and others

Excellent client experience is unimaginable without a human-centric approach, and emotional intelligence should be a key skill; our people had the chance to attend a very informative session on EI and learn what the most important components of EI are, as well as how to apply it in everyday life at work and also outside.

Welcoming those who are attending their first Summer Days

And last, but not least – it is our tradition to pay special attention to our newcomers during the Summer Days! All those who joined our firm in the last year were invited to a session with our top management, where our senior partner Aku Sorainen shared stories from the firm’s history, his views on how important our values are and some tips on how to make a successful career at Sorainen. In addition, our new team members had the opportunity to ask questions and hear excellent answers and advice from our managing partner Laimonas Skibarka, COO Leda Iržikevičienė, head of People & Culture Kristiina Härms, and Latvia country managing partner Eva Berlaus.

Practice, sector and team meetings in person

It was wonderful to see all our teams learning, discussing and sharing their ideas for the future development of the firm! Moreover, the weather was inviting, encouraging us to explore and enjoy many group activities outdoors.