On 7 September 2022, we hosted an online event taking on one of the most exciting, confusing and suspicious-sounding current topics: the metaverse.

Is the metaverse the next big thing that will change all our lives? Should we invest NOW, or is it just hype that will pass by, which you shouldn’t throw money at (or into)? Will Baltic companies use this opportunity to expand their businesses with the help of the new meta world?

Watch & find out

0:00:26 Opening words by Leda Iržikevičienė, COO of Sorainen

0:04:16 Dissecting the Metaverse by Charlie Fink, US Metaverse Consultant

0:47:17 Panel discussion: Practical implications of the metaverse for the Nordic/Baltic businesses by Kim Rants, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company; Rolandas Dirgėla, Chief Digital Officer of Magnetic Group; Haver Järveoja, COO of Ready Player Me; and moderator Henrik Roonemaa, Tech Journalist, broadcaster & editor, and co-founder of Geenius.ee news portal

1:31:14 Metaverse from the legal perspective – do laws apply in the metaverse? by Linda Reneslāce, Head of TMT at Sorainen Latvia

1:44:30 Closing words by Leda Iržikevičienė, COO of Sorainen