Latvia’s wind energy potential is significant, both for onshore and offshore, but the country is lagging behind its neighbors and others. Only 137.4 MW of capacity have been installed, with wind farm projects taking too long to build. The webinar series “Wind Energy Academy: Latvia” organised by the Latvian Wind Energy Association and law firm Sorainen aims to explain and clarify the wind development process, from scoping to building.

On October 19 we invited to our first webinar, entitled “An Introduction to Wind Farm Development”.

Renārs Urbanovičs (Utilitas) walked viewers through the process from A to Z and share his practical experience of building the latest onshore wind farm in Latvia, in Targale.

Viktorija Cherkas (Sorainen) spoke about the documentation needed and the state institutions involved.

These presentations were followed by a Q&A session.


Audio version you can listen HERE