A textbook on international commercial arbitration has recently been published. One of the co-authors is Alexey Anischenko, partner and head of the dispute resolution practice at Sorainen Belarus. Essentially, this is the first full-scale, comprehensive book on international commercial arbitration written by Belarusian authors and published in Belarus.

In addition to current theoretical coverage, the work makes active use of both the arbitration practice of the International Arbitration Court of the BelCCI and the experience of the authors’ participation in arbitration proceedings outside Belarus under the arbitration rules of the ICC, SCC, LCIA, VIAC and other recognised arbitration institutions.

It is aimed at both students and practising lawyers. As Alexey Anischenko notes in his foreword to readers, “a deep understanding of the specifics of international commercial arbitration and its essential differences from proceedings in state courts significantly increases prospects of success, reduces time and costs, and helps to avoid unfortunate procedural errors, the price of which is very high.”

The project is within the framework of the TEMPUS project, funded by the EU Commission.