Emergency Situation and Related Restrictions

Emergency situation declared in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania means that certain restrictions and rules apply, affecting the operation of businesses. Read about them here.


  • Emergency situation in Estonia: Key information for businesses

    Publication / Piret Schasmin, Carri Ginter

    A nationwide emergency was declared in Estonia on 12th March due to the worldwide Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of mass infection. The emergency situation stays effective from 12 March until 1 May 2020 unless decided otherwise by the Government. The Government resolution on the declaration of emergency in Estonia is available here (in […]

  • A necessary amendment to the law to exit the emergency (in Estonian)

    Publication / Norman Aas, Illimar Pärnamägi / ERR

    In order to resolve the practical and legal issues involved in the chain reaction as a result of the state of emergency, the Parliament passed a package of amendments in the form of a so-called cluster bill (170 SE). These changes were necessary for the continuation of state life in an emergency situation, but at […]

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