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  • Copyrights: BSH Book Scandal

    News / Olivia Kranich

    Estonian media has been buzzing with recent news about alleged copyright infringements by local socialite and influencer Brigitte Susanne Hunt (BSH). In a nutshell, BSH used a photo resembling one of Kim Kardashian’s photos for the cover of her newly released biography. Additionally, BSH included some photos in her book for which Delfi Meedia AS […]

  • Latvia Implements New Music Tariffs for Hotels

    The Competition Council (CC) in Latvia recently conducted an in-depth investigation into the public performance tariffs applicable to playing music in hotel rooms. The investigation focused on the criteria set by the Latvian Performers and Producers Association (LaIPA) for calculating these tariffs. After careful evaluation, the CC found that some of the criteria used by […]

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