About me

I help businesses to pay taxes properly and manage tax risks, which helps the government to receive their legitimate and fair share of taxes. I also help companies to save on taxes when it is justifiable and legal, making clients’ business more successful. For this reason, I believe that our work makes the world a better place.

Professional highlights

Co-head of Tax practice group in Belarus. Clients approach us to resolve complex tax and customs issues. Often these are issues for which there is no general consensus or established practice. We try to talk about taxes in plain words and pragmatically to help clients better understand the tax implications of their decisions, and propose solutions instead of opinions.

Certified tax adviser. I am a member of the Chamber of Tax Advisers and strive to keep in regular communication with the tax authorities, colleagues and opinion leaders. This helps to keep clients informed about important matters in good time.

Expertise in international taxation. I do my best work in situations where one of the parties to a transaction or the object of a transaction is abroad. For example I help to resolve issues with taxes in contracts with non-residents, reduce the risk of a permanent establishment, and deduct expenses for corporate income tax purposes. I advise on transfer pricing and thin capitalization rules, transaction structuring and corporate relations, application of double tax treaties, beneficial tax regimes and other matters. We also conduct tax due diligence, defend clients in tax audits and disputes, and consult on ongoing tax and customs matters.

Big 4 background. I have been a practising lawyer since 2011. Before joining Sorainen I spent five years dealing with tax law at “Big 4” firms.

Taxes as a hobby. I like to improve my tax knowledge outside work. I love to read about taxes, write articles and speak about tax matters. I am especially interested in permanent establishments of foreign companies – this is the topic of my PhD thesis.

Academic background

  • Belarusian Accounting Association, Advanced Training in Accounting and Tax Reporting
  • Belarusian State University, Belarus (LL.M.)
  • Belarusian State University, Belarus (Diploma in International Law)

I am a member of

  • Belarusian Chamber of Tax Advisers