About me

I am an attorney-at-law specialising in customs and taxation issues, as well as in fields of law closely tied up with customs and taxation: corporate law, dispute resolution, criminal law and constitutional law. Work experience in the police, as well as representing clients before the tax authorities, the police and the courts on the most complicated tax and customs issues has made me one of the few attorneys-at-law who can provide the client with high level legal advice from all angles of the law, including but not limited to legal advice with regard to manager’s liability in cases of gross negligence, tax debts, involvement in fraud (either intentionally or not), and all actions resulting in company insolvency. But clients most of all appreciate working with me for my personal attitude. I am a perfectionist, and always do the maximum to save our clients’ time, money and nerves.

Professional highlights

In times of trouble with the tax and customs authorities. In brief, I am the person a client meets whenever things have gone wrong with the tax and customs authorities or promise to result in serious difficulties. This is the moment I step in and provide the client with strong legal support with the State Revenue Service, or the Finance Police, or the courts.

Extensive experience in representing clients before courts and other institutions. So far I have represented clients in all institutions where tax or customs disputes can be heard: the State Revenue Service, the Finance Police, the Administrative Court, the Appellate Court, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice.

Timely prevention of tax and customs sanctions. More than a decade of experience with Sorainen and VAT studies in Belgium also make me a great choice for clients who want to prevent difficulties with the tax authorities by virtue of carrying out internal legal audits of transactions the client believes might involve fraud.

Understanding the client’s business. Advising clients on corporate and tax issues for more than a decade has also armed me with a better understanding of the client’s business in almost all fields. And experience with solving the most complicated tax and customs issues makes me a smart choice for the client looking for a professional who can represent their interest before the tax and customs authorities and the courts.

Academic background

  • Riga Graduate School of Law, Latvia (LLM)
  • The Baltic International Academy, Latvia (LLB)

I am a member of

  • Latvian Bar Association