About me

As a member of the firm’s Corporate and M&A team as well as its Dispute Resolution & Risk Management team, my primary focus is on corporate law, finance and related dispute resolution. With considerable experience in projects covering the Baltic states and the UK, I advise local and international clients in corporate finance related matters, capital raising, corporate governance, debt finance, equity and debt markets, shareholders’ disputes and settlements.

Professional highlights

Passionate about corporate disputes. Corporate disputes, minority shareholders’ protection, shareholders’ agreements, settlements, transfer and allotment of shares, protection of investors, corporate governance issues, corporate finance and company debt finance are the key areas where I have considerable practical expertise plus academic knowledge. I recently had the honour to represent a minority shareholder in one of the largest shareholder disputes in the Baltic states so far, covering Lithuania and expanding overseas, with an overall value of over EUR 1 billion.

Analyst of financial profiles. My second passion is analysis of company financial profiles, with a strong academic background allowing me to provide clients with exhaustive advice about a company’s value, its financial position and financial instruments. I carry out asset tracing exercises and legal due diligence in merger transactions, and was a team member in one of the largest banking sector mergers in the Baltics, with an overall value of EUR 782 million.

Efficient negotiator. I often assist clients in negotiations, employing legal weaponry to defend the client’s rights and find the most efficient solution. Recently I had the privilege of assisting a client ‒ a minority shareholder in one of the biggest groups of companies in Lithuania ‒ in shareholders’ negotiations regarding protection of minority shareholders’ rights (overall value exceeding EUR 21 million).

Always ready to enter the courtroom. As a versatile lawyer I not only advise clients outside the court but am also always ready to step into the courtroom when necessary. Extensive litigation experience allows me to give clients strategic advice and always assess the probability of the outcome of litigation before it starts. Over the years I have gained considerable experience in high-profile corporate disputes and have successfully defended clients’ interests in application of interim relief.

Expertise in investments. Advice on investments is another important field, be it advice on a company’s investments or investment arbitration. I had an amazing opportunity to advise the leading investment service provider in Lithuania in a dispute over termination of investment agreements concluded by a bank and ten investors, with an overall value of EUR 4.5 million.

Academic background

  • University of Glasgow, United Kingdom (LL.M in Corporate and Financial Law with distinction)
  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)

I am a member of

  • Lithuanian Bar Association
  • Glasgow University Law Society