About me

I am a senior associate with the Real Estate and Construction team, with extensive experience in advising clients on construction law matters. I specialise mainly in construction, but also in real estate.

Professional highlights

Broad knowledge base. In my career as a construction lawyer, having worked for more than 20 years at one of the largest groups in the construction industry in Latvia, my experience has been related to construction contracts, having represented general contractors, subcontractors and construction manufacturers, and gained experience in construction projects in Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany and, of course, Latvia. A lot of in-depth experience, not only on the legal side of construction, but also on the practical side of construction makes it easier and quicker to understand the client’s needs. The experience and knowledge I have accumulated helps me to provide competent advice and effective solutions to my clients.

Customer satisfaction. To my mind, the main goal of every task is to make sure that the client is satisfied with both the result and the process. Understanding the client’s business is a big part of succeeding in providing a suitable and legally effective solution. My experience in negotiating and participating in many transactions allows me to get the best results for my clients.

Mission. I believe that every detail of my work is very important. I strive for high quality work that delivers sustainable and practical results. I enjoy complex projects and challenges that test and reinforce the skills I have acquired.


Academic background

  • Police Academy of Latvia (LLB) (legal qualification)
  • Institute of International Relations at the University of Latvia (LLM) (master’s degree legal qualification)