Domantas Putrius



Lithuanian, English





About me

I am an associate with our Real Estate & Construction team. Since joining the firm in 2016 I have gained valuable experience in the field, in particular through working with top tier professionals who gladly share their expertise.

Professional highlights

Assisting in real estate matters. I assist colleagues in conducting legal research, drafting legal documents and consulting clients in the fields of real estate transfer and lease transactions, design and construction. Additionally I have experience of working in the field of environmental law ‒ forestry-related matters in particular.

Work in diverse legal fields. As an active member of the firm’s ThinkTank, I handle a large volume of assignments delegated from diverse practice areas. This experience not only allows me to get to know different legal fields but also develops flexibility and teaches me to manage challenging tasks.

Keeping up to date. One of the most important features of real estate law is the need to keep up with constant changes in regulation plus ability to adapt. One of my responsibilities involves tracking legislative changes in the real estate field, gathering and organizing know-how information from various institutions and court decisions so it can be effectively used.

Academic research in real estate law. My interest and experience in real estate law has encouraged me to do academic research in this field, resulting in a master’s thesis on establishing easements.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)