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Intellectual Property

Put simply, is your intellectual property valuable? Does it bring in large revenues? Then it needs protection. As the culture of intellectual property rights is improving in our region, markets are becoming more saturated. They are also becoming more sophisticated, and so is our practice. It’s all about being determined and prepared to act fast when our clients’ intellectual property rights are concerned. Intellectual property can be both a defense and attack tool – and we know both inside out.

Creativity unleashed

There are areas where lawyers have to get seriously creative – none more so than intellectual property. Eloquence, persuasiveness and logical clarity are all paramount – there is an unusually large amount of room for argument and discussion in copyright cases, and we use this to your advantage. The diversity of issues calls for a broad outlook: we need to be well-versed in movies, literature and periodicals, and even carry out sociological polls. We tap into many legal areas – and we do it with surgical precision.

Educating businesses – GDPR e-course

We have developed a user-friendly tool to help our clients understand the essence of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and prevent potential violations. The e-course is suitable for users with no background in law in general and data protection rules in particular. Click here to read more about the course in Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian.

Technology nexus

Defending intellectual property rights is closely related to the advancement of technology. The content of the litigation process, building systems of protection for the client – both of these areas are changing quickly because of the pace of advance in technology. And these rapid changes can cause even highly professional judges to struggle with the details. This is where we come into the picture – clarity and precision is our job.

New economy

In our intellect-based economy, intellectual property has come into the spotlight – as the very foundation of the new economy. No industry can be built from zero without protecting intellectual property rights.

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