About me

My everyday work focuses on helping clients in debt recovery matters, starting from pre-trial negotiations to enforcing court decisions.

Professional highlights

Settled disputes. Together with the team I am involved in dispute resolution in matters related to civil, customs and family law. Settling diverse disputes has given us extensive experience. This allows us to identify the optimal strategy in every case, be it a dispute between a company’s founders or parties to a supply contract. As such, my experience includes concluding amicable agreements, applying to simplify and expedite proceedings, and in recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements.

Controlled insolvency. Having been engaged in supervising insolvency from initiation to sale of property, I often deal with the peculiarities of insolvency proceedings and have a strong record in guiding these. I have taken part in filing and protecting creditors’ claims, meetings with creditors, and managing debtor’s property sale issues.

Effective enforcement. Frequently, I take responsibility for controlling enforcement proceedings and ensuring the process is organized with maximum efficiency. I am often involved in enforcement measures to be taken against debtors, as well as successfully challenging inaction by enforcement officers.

Managed knowledge. As a knowledge manager with Sorainen, I ensure that every practice group provides legal assistance in an efficient and cost-effective way, leveraging people’s expertise and bringing more value to our clients.

Academic background

  • Belarusian State University, Belarus