About me

As a civil and criminal trial law expert I have successfully completed hundreds of trials in different fields. I have special expertise in the following areas: creative ways to manage and settle cases; trial advocacy; governmental investigations and regulatory issues, emergency response and crisis management, recent trends in the regulation of transportation services. Of note, I have developed a reputation for expertly defending a variety of white collar crime defendants. While we serve larger clients such as banks and corporations, I pride myself on also representing individual clients and referrals from other attorneys. I am a frequent contributor to professional and industry journals and conferences on a wide array of topics.

Professional highlights

Effective judgment enforcement & collections. I am a diligent and aggressive creditor’s-rights lawyer with a proven record of success for our clients. I can effectively investigate your debtors to discover assets, draft a persuasive initial collection letter, freeze a debtor’s bank accounts, arrange for seizure of a debtor’s property and challenge fraudulent transfer of assets. I am also known for drafting iron-clad settlement agreements with debtors that yield payments.

Defences to Charges of White-collar crime.
With over 15 years of trial experience as a criminal defence lawyer, I often represent individuals who have been charged with white collar crimes that involve the risk of serious jail time as well as substantial fines and property loss. I am particularly strong in challenging, or discrediting, the state’s prima facie cases. I am organized, savvy, and prepared to spend time in mounting an exceptional and effective attack against the prosecutor’s case.

Successful in handling commercial lawsuits before, during, and after trial.
I am good in pre-litigation settlement discussions, which quite often resolve the matter before a lawsuit is filed. But if it comes to court, I am excellent in managing all phases of litigation from investigation, pleadings, and discovery through pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal processes.

Heading transportation sector group.
I represent clients on national and regional levels in the transportation, trucking, shipping, freight forwarding, 3PL, intermodal, aviation and airport businesses, including insurers of transportation companies.

Academic background

  • Diploma in Law, Belarus State University, Faculty of Law

I am a member of

  • Minsk City Bar Association