Sandra Aleksandravičienė

Senior Associate


Lithuanian, English





About me

I am an associate in the firm’s Real Estate & Construction team. I advise clients on issues related to real estate transactions and have extensive experience in working with notarised transactions.

Professional highlights

Real estate. I have been working in the field of real estate since the beginning of my career. My considerable experience and in-depth knowledge enable me to successfully contribute to the preparation, coordination and implementation of real estate transactions, ranging from real estate transfers, foreclosure, restructuring and leasing to the acquisition of shares in real estate management companies.

Experience in the field of notary services. Prior to joining Sorainen, I worked at a notary office and was a candidate-notary (assessor). At that time, I also represented a notary when needed. While working in the field of notary services, I not only gained a wide range of knowledge related to land and real estate transactions, but also became acquainted with many other areas of law, such as corporate, family and inheritance law. This experience has enabled me to acquire a broader view of clients’ needs and to ensure that transactions not only reflect the true intentions of the parties, but also comply with legal requirements.

Risk assessment. My goal is to achieve long-term benefits for our clients, so I always try to identify all possible risks related to transactions and to anticipate possible consequences. This helps to prevent transactions from leading to legal disputes between the parties in the future.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)

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