Triin Tõnisson

Senior Associate


English, Estonian, German





About me

Before joining Sorainen I spent over a decade in the public sector working as an advisor in the field of private law. I have also ample experience in insolvency, contract and other areas of civil law, both on Estonian and EU level. My previous long-term negotiation and policy-making experience combined with legislative background and enthusiasm for bankruptcy and restructuring form the basis of my advice.

According to Art. 40 (3) of the Bar Association Act, lawyers do not provide legal services. Lawyers assist the attorneys.  

Professional highlights

Insider’s view on legislation. My long-term experience of working with legislation in the public sector has given me first-hand insight on how policies come to life at both a national and international level. I have a valuable skillset in the field, involving substantive knowledge, negotiation abilities and a deep understanding of the institutional system.

International dimension. A substantial part of my career has been related to international projects and cooperation, for example as an Estonian delegate in the EU institutions and in international organisations.  Or participating in the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union as one of the specialists who held trialogues with the European Parliament and, in parallel, chaired the Working Group that negotiated the Insolvency Directive.

Negotiation expert. At the EU level, I have negotiated several instruments, e.g. the Succession Regulation, the European Account Preservation Order, the Regulation on the Common European Sales Law, the Contract Law Package, the Assignment of Claims Regulation, the Insolvency Regulation, as well as the Insolvency Directive. Throughout these experiences, I have learned to work well under pressure with time-sensitive matters while focusing on the results and maintaining the ability to find compromises.

Unparalleled insolvency know-how. In addition to the national legislative perspective and work at the EU level, I have been involved in the work of the Scandinavian-Baltic Insolvency Working Group, as well as the work of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in Vienna and New York, leading the EU delegation during the Presidency in the Insolvency Working Group. There are only a few insolvency specialists in Estonia and I am proud to contribute to the field with my expertise and know-how of insolvency on an international level.

Academic background

University of Tartu (MA in Law)

University of Tartu (BA in Law)