Valeria Dubeshka



Russian, English, German




About me

My primary focus is in two areas: Dispute Resolution and Competition & Regulatory practice. Having an international degree in international commercial arbitration law and insights into working with one of the leading arbitration institutions allows me to deliver solutions with an understanding of the specifics of these fields.

Professional highlights

International disputes. Together with our team I have experience of participating in resolving complex international disputes in the fields of international trade and construction in the following arbitration institutions: ICC (Paris), SCC (Stockholm), VIAC (Vienna) and IAC at the BelCCI (Belarus). I also took part in ad hoc arbitration, and have managed sport arbitration cases under the CAS Rules, which is unique for Belarus.

Institutional insight. While pursuing an LLM degree at Stockholm University I was an intern at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. This internship helped me to see dispute resolution from the perspective of institutional limits and gain a substantial insight into the SCC’s work, which I am now successfully using as counsel for the benefit of clients.

Regional collaboration. I am proud of our regional collaboration, since it helps to share knowledge and to create teams tailored to the client’s needs. One example is an arbitration case where a part of the Belarusian arbitration team was working at our Estonian office on preparation and interviewing witnesses for oral hearings held in Estonia under the ICC Rules.

Knowledge sharing. As a student I participated in moot courts (e.g. the Willem C. Vis Moot, ICC Lex Mercatoria) and in a number of well-renowned mediation competitions in Paris and Vienna, where I developed negotiation skills and the spirit and stamina required for successful resolution of disputes. Now I have a chance to pass on my knowledge further by coaching student teams for moot courts, in particular the Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot. I also regularly participate in moot courts as an arbitrator and supervise students during shadow weeks held at the Sorainen Belarus office twice a year.

Academic background

  • Belarusian State University, Belarus (Specialist degree in Law)
  • Stockholm University, Sweden (LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Law)