Viktorija Soņeca



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About me

I am an associate and a PhD student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Latvia. I specialise in European Union law, but also cover a broad range of national law.

In addition to this, my scope of practice includes various issues related to legal theory and technology.

Before I joined the firm, I was the director of the CJEU Department at the Ministry of Justice, thereby gaining extremely valuable experience in state administration, i.e., not only by representing the Republic of Latvia at the Court of Justice of the European Union but also by representing the Ministry of Justice at the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers, and at inter-ministry meetings.

Professional highlights

Disputes that concern EU law and relate to the CJEU. I have represented the Republic of Latvia before the Court of Justice of the European Union in multiple cases when a Member State of the European Union has requested a prejudicial ruling and also in cases when the European Commission has brought a claim against a Member State, for example:  C-735/19 Euromin Holdings (Cyprus)C-243/19 Ministry of Health, C-743/18  Elme Messer Metalurgs, C-18/18 Glawischnig-Piesczek, C-623/17 Privacy International, C-648/17 BTA Baltic Insurance Company, and T-293/18 Latvia/Commission.

Advice on compliance of national regulatory enactments with EU law and legislative processes. I have provided explanations and recommendations to the ministries and state administration institutions on how to apply, implement and ensure compliance with EU law. I have participated in and advised the state administration on drafting laws. These valuable experiences mean I have covered a broad range of interdisciplinary matters.

Issues related to lobbying and technology. My research activities have included the study “The need for regulation of lobbying in Latvia as a democratic lawful state”. Presently I am working on a study how sovereign states are affected by technology. I help clients build successful relations with the state administration.

Academic background

University of Latvia, Latvia – PhD (in progress)

Riga Graduate School of Law, Latvia (LL.M)