The very 1st episode of Tax Stories podcast is out. The very 1st guest – Kärt Anna Maire Kelder. Enjoy!

Tax cases and stories from all over the world, explained. Stories about and by businesses, fraudsters, judges, attorneys-at-law, prosecutors, authorities, politicians, professors, writers, journalists. Your host, tax lawyer with more than 25 years in the business has many stories, too. Share with the host your story ( and maybe become a part of the show. Hope, this will not only entertain and educate, but also make the world to be a better place.

In Episode 1 – Kärt Anna Maire Kelder, a tax expert from Estonia with education and work experience in Austria and other countries shares her views about tax issues of wealthy individuals, when a simple holding company may not be enough, is the setup needed abroad or in your own country? We also discussed cultural differences between working in the East and West, and why she prefers the East. Her studies of Art law in NY Sotheby’s Institute come handy in her daily work as well, so her favourite tax related stories come from this area. For example, when a judge needs to decide if a bird without feather and legs is a bird, he makes his decision on a conclusion that “it’s still pleasing to see, and it gives you a feeling of a bird, so it has to be a bird”. She saw tax as a way to play on an international level. We also spoke about the future of offshores and the chances of tax authorities to get access to their assets, about creative ways of using offshores.

You can access the first Tax Stories podcast – HERE.