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Susi Baerentzen is a tax law & human rights researcher from Denmark. She is lecturing at Vienna & Copenhagen Universities, holds a PhD in International Tax Law and Economics.

Susi recently published her book “The Effectiveness of General Anti-Avoidance Rules”. She has worked for 5 years for one of the Big4 audit firms and is a Nordic Tax Manager at a large multinational company.

In the podcast we spoke about:

  • Extreme triathlon;
  • Middle East;
  • Why Susi wanted to be an air-force pilot;
  • Why she switched from Big4 to academic work & inhouse;
  • Past, present and future of being an inhouse;
  • Why the AI and Legal/tax Tech look like the Emperor’s New Clothes;
  • What question ChatGPT selected for Susi for the Tax Stories podcast;
  • Her book on GAAR;
  • On economic substance (vs. control) and the underlying principles & the future of holding companies and holding regimes in traditional holding jurisdictions; she thinks that the time of buying substance is over;
  • Danish beneficial ownership cases and the massive withholding tax fraud case there & the future of withholding taxes, incl. FASTER directive;
  • Pillar 2 – I can jump out of a plane and flap my wings, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to fly;
  • That TP is measuring an illusion.

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