Responsible business

At Sorainen, we are proud of our long-standing culture of respect for and engagement with the community: we have established different ways to provide pro bono legal assistance, built cooperation with non-profit organisations and educational institutions, contributed to the law-making process, and spoken up in the media on controversial legal issues to promote our values and improve the economic environment in the region.

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We recognise that the world faces significant environmental challenges and that a healthy environment is a prerequisite for the achievement of our core purpose. We’ve implemented and certified the Environmental Management System under ISO 14001. As a company, we are dedicated to measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. Along with working with our suppliers, we understand that our responsibility extends beyond our daily operations.

Diversity and inclusion

Our people are the heart and soul of our success: we are committed to ensuring transparency and equality in career progression and invest in our team’s growth by offering continuous learning opportunities. We look after well-being of our employees and celebrate diversity and inclusion as fundamental principles that enrich our culture and drive innovation.

Helping clients succeed

We  help our clients succeed in business by guiding them through the ESG challenges they face and supporting their transition to a sustainable future.

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