One mission

Shared Mission Programme

To support faster recovery of our region from the health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have launched the Shared Mission programme.

The programme supports projects that solve Covid-19 related issues.

EUR 100,000
worth of legal and tax support
Shared Mission Programme

We have already supported



A mobile app to be designed to offer psychological support globally – on consumer rights, regulation and data protection matters



A revolutionary web platform for school networks – on data protection matters

Talust Koju

Talust Koju

An online market shop, delivering organic products from local Estonian farmers – on matters related to IP rights

Mano Daktaras

Mano Daktaras

A portal for finding doctors and booking appointments – on telemedicine regulation and GDPR matters to develop a remote medical services system



An online psychology consultation platform – on agreement drafting, a taxation model and GDPR matters



A platform uniting volunteer doctors working with sick or isolated patients – advised on telemedicine regulation matters

Latvian Covid-19 post-crisis growth group under the Latvian government

Advised on regulatory and strategic aspects related to investments, employment, IP and data protection matters, while developing a recovery plan for Latvia from the pandemic crisis


Advised the team, developing personal ultraviolet light respirators which would kill 99% of the virus in the air exhaled by people, on establishing a form and shareholders agreement form


A molecular diagnostics platform that allows development of a wide range of medical tests – advised on investment and M&A matters


A medical imaging and communication solutions provider – advised on privacy policy, intellectual property, agreement drafting to develop a medical imaging sharing platform

Wize AI

An artificial intelligence-based platform of virtual assistants – advised on GDPR matters

“SherLOCK @home” and “ViLTė”

Supported the projects during the “Hack The Crisis” hackathon


Shared Mission Programme

Interview with Ieva Vaitkevičiūtė

Founder of Mindletic

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