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Applications for Shared Mission programme 2022 will open in May/June

We will provide EUR 100,000 worth of free legal advice to companies, projects, services and initiatives that aim to do good in local and global communities in any way that may be called innovative.

Selected applicants have been announced for 2021

Criteria for applicants

Focus: Innovative projects that make a positive contribution to the region – your innovation can relate to any sphere of human life, although health-related projects are especially welcome. We would also gladly consider forming long-term partnerships with qualifying organisations.

Entity form: Projects carried out by all kinds of organisations and individuals are welcome – they can be NGOs, established companies or government agencies; innovators themselves or participants in innovative projects. We are hoping to include some startups in the programme.

Geography: Projects can be either local or international. Initiatives that cover all region would be ideal candidates.

Expected scope: The number of hours of free legal advice is not limited; the scope of work will be agreed between us and the project managers. We want to help as many organisations as possible, but we also want to be sure that we see through what we have started, in order to get maximum impact.

Legal issues: We can advise on all the legal and tax issues that you may face, from establishing an entity and creating agreements, to data protection and intellectual property issues.

Programme application deadline closed on 18 April 2021.

We plan to select another round of projects in 2022. If you are interested in receiving our help, send us a note at and we will inform you about the next round.

We have already supported



A mobile app to be designed to offer psychological support globally – on consumer rights, regulation and data protection matters



A revolutionary web platform for school networks – on data protection matters

Talust Koju

Talust Koju

An online market shop, delivering organic products from local Estonian farmers – on matters related to IP rights

Mano Daktaras

Mano Daktaras

A portal for finding doctors and booking appointments – on telemedicine regulation and GDPR matters to develop a remote medical services system



An online psychology consultation platform – on agreement drafting, a taxation model and GDPR matters



A platform uniting volunteer doctors working with sick or isolated patients – advised on telemedicine regulation matters

Latvian Covid-19 post-crisis growth group under the Latvian government

Advised on regulatory and strategic aspects related to investments, employment, IP and data protection matters, while developing a recovery plan for Latvia from the pandemic crisis


Advised the team, developing personal ultraviolet light respirators which would kill 99% of the virus in the air exhaled by people, on establishing a form and shareholders agreement form


A molecular diagnostics platform that allows development of a wide range of medical tests – advised on investment and M&A matters


A medical imaging and communication solutions provider – advised on privacy policy, intellectual property, agreement drafting to develop a medical imaging sharing platform

Wize AI

An artificial intelligence-based platform of virtual assistants – advised on GDPR matters

“SherLOCK @home” and “ViLTė”

Supported the projects during the “Hack The Crisis” hackathon


Shared Mission Programme

Interview with Ieva Vaitkevičiūtė

Founder of Mindletic