Real Estate

Our clients in the real estate sector appreciate working with one team and one point of contact for all their legal needs. In order to ensure that happens, we closely work with our tax, corporate, banking and finance, and competition and regulatory experts, who are instrumental in making sure our clients get top-notch expertise for more complex deals, including transaction structuring, merger clearance, GDPR-related issues, financing and refinancing and any other specific element of a deal or matter.

When you are facing matters of contention – whether a design or construction dispute, a dispute with a tenant over a lease-related matter or a claim based on a NOI leakage from a recent investment of yours – we team up with our dispute resolution team to protect your interests. And to help you expand your business we also have partners in all European jurisdictions, as well as in the Far East, the US and many other locations.

We can help you at any stage of your real estate project, from design and construction to property management and divestment. We can bring together diverse competences and relevant sets of expertise for any matter that our clients may face in the real estate sector.

Recently we have greatly expanded our knowledge of the hospitality industry. We have had a hand in the presence of almost all the brand-name hotels that have come to our region in the last ten years or so. When it comes to hotel management or hotel franchise agreements, we are familiar with what both parties need to secure successful cooperation and balance of interests.

We can help you with

  • Any larger real estate investment deals
  • Regional deals, where several different properties are located in several different jurisdictions
  • Sale-leaseback and forward purchase transactions
  • Cross-board transactions, where parties to the deal are based in different jurisdictions in the region
  • Situations where a Baltic/regional real estate player is looking to expand outside our region
  • Structuring real estate investments, including tax structuring
  • Commercial real estate management and leasing
  • Acquisition of agricultural and forestry land

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