Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment is an innovative sector that is constantly reinventing itself, and companies working in this field come to us for advice on staying on the safe side of regulations and defining the limits of responsibility. Whether it’s meeting advertising regulations, TV and radio channel supervision, or consumer protection rules, we have the latest legal know-how to help you navigate safely. With the field of gambling being extremely heavily regulated, and new types of online gambling, e-sports and video games springing up at breakneck speed, understanding the ever-changing rules of the game has never been more important.

We can help you with

  • Regulatory support (licences, permits, investigations)
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Software protection, licensing, development and maintenance
  • Commercial transactions (transfer of rights, service supply, distribution and agency, franchising)
  • Sales strategies, trade and marketing regulation, including advertising and PR matters
  • Intellectual property protection and enforcement
  • Local and EU competition law, including protection against unfair competition
  • Consumer protection
  • Corporate and employment matters
  • Investment, M&A, joint ventures, partnerships
  • Project financing and insurance
  • Public procurement
  • Tax and customs, social security
  • Ethics and compliance (anti-corruption/anti-bribery regulations)
  • Litigation and representation in courts/arbitration tribunals and before local authorities

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