Corporate Governance & Shareholder Relations

We provide sound advice on the best ways to organise your company – what type is the best for your business, what managing bodies would govern it in the most appropriate way given its size and nature, and what competences members of those managing bodies should have. We incorporate all this into the internal structure of your business, taking into account your existing corporate policies and the types of corporate identities available in the jurisdiction. We simply enjoy connecting all the dots on a wide spectrum of legal issues in order to benefit our clients. We also support clients on various issues with multiple shareholders – no matter whether you are a majority or minority shareholder, your interests will be represented by experienced professionals.

We can help you with

  • Formation of companies, branches and representative offices
  • Corporate governance
  • Management agreements and incentive systems
  • Management body rights and liabilities, disputes with members of management bodies
  • Shareholder rights, shareholder agreements and disputes
  • Liquidation

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