Risk Management, Corporate Crime Investigations & Defence

As much as we would like it to not happen at all, white collar criminality is a widespread problem in business relations. Fraud and corruption cause significant losses to companies, investors and employees, but we are well-equipped to deal with this. Whether you are currently facing a crisis or want to take preventive steps to safeguard your business or organisation from future violations, we provide skilled and experienced legal assistance and representation. In these matters we are connected not just regionally but globally, with a network of consultants to assist us in our investigative work outside the region.

Risk management

Whatever the specifics of your company or public sector organisation, you can depend on us to carry out a thorough risk analysis, paying meticulous attention to detail as we do so. We analyse the risks from multiple angles, including studying governance and policy documents, and existing procedures for risk management and reporting, as well as assessing risk awareness among employees. Based on that risk analysis, we can then help you design and implement measures tailored to your exact needs: policy documents, internal guidelines, processes and procedures, as well as hands-on awareness training.

In legal due diligence and review phases of transactions risk management plays an important role. Clients value our independent assessment of the integrity and corruption risks that may exist within their own companies and organisations, as well as those of third parties.

Corporate crime investigation and defence

We have extensive experience in conducting a broad range of investigations of companies and public sector organisations – with discretion and subject to the protection of legal privilege. Our clients entrust us with clarifying a specific sequence of events, collecting evidence and identifying and analysing any relevant legal issues, as well as negotiating trustfully with law enforcement authorities, if necessary. Our connected teams can address any criminal, regulatory, civil or company law liabilities, and solve any related employment law issues that arise. If your company is facing a criminal prosecution, we will help protect your rights in pre-trial investigations and in courts of all instances.

Crisis management

If your company is suffering from corrupt or fraudulent managers and employees, we will help take over, support you through the crisis and get you back to normal operations as soon as possible. We will also assist with asset tracking and recovery.

We can help you with

  • Anti-corruption action
  • Fraud prevention
  • Money laundering risks
  • Resolving unfair competition matters
  • Resolving unfair commercial practices
  • Asset tracing, recovery and enforcement
  • Criminal investigation
  • Creating internal policies and procedures
  • Crisis management

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  • Legal Adviser

    Olympic Casino Latvia

    Representation in criminal proceedings over potential slot machine manipulation

  • Legal Adviser

    Dassault Systemes

    Representation in criminal proceedings by assisting police and courts over protection of client’s IP, namely illegal use of client’s software

  • Legal Adviser

    Tallinn City

    Advice on creation of anti-corruption strategy for Tallinn, the Estonian capital + its largest city with almost 20,000 employees and an annual budget of over 600 million euros

  • Legal Adviser

    Large hospitals and multinational companies

    Advice on implementing anti-corruption and anti-fraud measures + conducting confidential internal investigations in several large multinational corporations

  • Legal Adviser

    Shareholder in major Baltic retail chain

    Representation in criminal proceedings over manipulation of client’s property and revenues, involving high value property damage suffered by client

  • Legal Adviser

    Latvian and foreign companies

    Representing victims of fraudulently transferred funds, securing recovery of funds and returning them to the clients

  • Legal Adviser

    Leading company in creation and manufacture of electricity production and distribution equipment worldwide

    Representation in criminal proceedings for suspected bribery, including analysing and evaluating documentation and other materials linked to client’s construction project worth several hundred million euros

  • Legal Adviser

    Two of the top audit companies in Lithuania

    Representation in criminal proceedings where the clients were accused of criminality related to improper audit of finance and credit institutions