About me

I am a Senior Associate in the Estonian tax team, focusing on direct, as well as indirect taxation, specialising in permanent establishment issues. I am also the head of our Industrials sector group in Estonia, as I have ample experience with large industrials as well as the computer games sector, having advised international clients on a variety of legal issues. Additionally, I head the Trade & Consumer Goods sector group in Estonia.

Professional highlights

Cross-border knowledge. Before joining Sorainen, I worked for an advisory group operating in more than 50 countries and territories. Advising a client portfolio ranging from China to Germany, I have experience with very different legal environments. I have a long track record in advising Western European clients upon entry into Estonia, including the prevention and resolution of relevant tax issues. I have also participated in a number of cross-border tax audits (including transfer pricing audits).

Industrials expert. My long experience includes advising major industrials on legal matters all the way from employment planning to internal auditing. My thorough understanding of the scope and complex structure of industrial projects helps provide comprehensive legal advice tailored to each client.

Indirect taxation enthusiast. A particular interest of mine lies in permanent establishment and revenue accounting issues. Throughout the years, a diverse list of clients from ship-building to construction, and renovation of cogeneration plants have relied on my advice on these matters. My long-term experience in the field helps find solutions even to the most complex issues.  As the interpretation of various international agreements and knowledge of relating practice may lead to interesting conclusions, such detailed insight is invaluable.

Meticulous attention to detail. I believe that no issue is too small and close attention to detail will help avoid larger problems in the future. I always keep a keen eye on all aspects of a case so as to meet the client’s needs and ensure full compliance with applicable regulations.

Sharing knowledge. Besides my legal work, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and training the new generation. I have taught tax law to future tax officials in the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, but also in private universities, including to accountants in the Tallinn School of Economics, as well as business finance students in the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

Academic background

  • University of Tartu (MA in Law)
  • University of Tartu (BA in Law)

I am a member of

  • International Fiscal Association (IFA)
  • Estonian Bar Association