Saulė Dagilytė

Country Managing Partner


Lithuanian, English, Russian






About me

Heading the firm’s Tax team in Lithuania means three things – solving some of the most complex tax issues, attending to the needs of Lithuanian and international businesses, and working with the most talented, engaged and eager-to-learn team I have ever met.

Professional highlights

Collaborative approach. My sweet point is assisting clients in cross-border and cross-practice matters. Working side by side with our finance, real estate, M&A and other teams as well as colleagues from other offices results in successful handling of the most challenging tasks and creating maximum added value for our clients. To cite a few: we assist in structuring new finance and insurance products, planning development of new real estate investment in a sensitive regulatory environment, structuring sale or acquisition of a business spread across several countries.

Well-balanced team. I strongly believe that a team is more than the sum of the individuals in it. Each of our team members brings unique tax expertise and sector knowledge, which ‒ combined with our good working relations with the tax administrator ‒ allow us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

Understanding the needs of the individual client. Good tax advice can only be given with a thorough understanding of business and effective communication with the client. Each business sector and each company is unique ‒ and so are their needs. We therefore do our very best to understand issues and needs and to provide a fitting solution which we hope will help our clients succeed.

Tax advice. My personal strengths lie in tax structuring of mergers and acquisitions, assisting in setting up maximally efficient company group structures and ensuring that investments are made in the most tax-efficient manner. Additionally, my in-depth knowledge of the VAT system allows me to assist VAT-sensitive industries such as finance or real estate in setting up their business models to avoid unnecessary VAT leakage.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)