Maksim Salahub and Viktoryia Mikhnevich co-authored the Belarusian chapter of an oversight reference book under the supervision of the All China Lawyers’ Association (ACLA) and dedicated to the “One belt – one road” initiative*.

The two-volume reference book of over 2,500 pages reviews the legal regulatory and business environment in the 43 countries participating in the project, including Belarus.

The authors examine aspects of doing business which are particularly relevant for non-residents of the Republic of Belarus. These include investment legislation, legal regimes for special economic zones, formation of companies and joint ventures in Belarus, taxation, and intellectual property protection.

* The OBOR (One Belt One Road) Initiative is a strategic initiative proposed by the Chinese government that combines the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt and the oceangoing 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. OBOR is designed for 30-40 years and aims to unite Asia, Europe and Africa with the prospect of developing Chinese and global business. Planned development within the project framework covers transport and logistics infrastructure, construction of railways, highways and ports.