The Republic of Estonia has appointed our partner, Carri Ginter, as a member of the prestigious ICSID Panel of Arbitrators. ICSID is one of the five organisations of the World Bank Group and is located in Washington, USA. ICSID’s list of arbitrators includes the most sought-after and highly qualified arbitrators in the world, and each member state has the right to appoint up to four arbitrators for a six-year term.

Investment treaty arbitration provides an opportunity to resolve international investment disputes through arbitration rather than traditional legal proceedings, and protects investments from various risks and political changes. ICSID arbitral awards are the only ones in the world that are directly enforceable in the contracting states.

Often, international investment can be hampered by laws or measures that differ from country to country, making the investment process more difficult. ICSID arbitration, however, is a powerful tool for the parties involved, taking into account the interests of both the investors and the host countries in an equitable manner, without compromising the credibility of these countries in the eyes of investors. ICSID helps to promote international investment by ensuring valuable and long-lasting relationships, even for more complex investments, such as those in the infrastructure, natural resources and energy sectors.

This appointment as a member of the ICSID Panel of Arbitrators shows the Republic of Estonia’s confidence, and confirms Carri’s position among the most respected arbitrators worldwide. We wish Carri the best of luck!