Darius Raulušaitis, who served as temporary Prosecutor General of the Republic of Lithuania for half a year in 2015 and as Deputy Prosecutor General for five years, has joined law firm SORAINEN. He will be advising clients on financial, economic, tax plus other crime related cases and investigations.

Comments Kæstutis Švirinas, partner and head of the SORAINEN Dispute Resolution Team: “With Darius Raulušaitis joining the firm, this is a significant contribution towards strengthening our criminal law practice. Darius has years of experience at the Prosecutor’s Office and in criminal proceedings. Alongside Darius we will be advising clients on criminal law issues, including defence in criminal cases and related investigations. We will also be consulting companies and their shareholders regarding illegal activities by employees and managing bodies.”

During his 17 years of experience at the Prosecutor General’s Office, Darius Raulušaitis served as a prosecutor at all levels of the prosecution service and was responsible for economic, financial and tax related criminal investigations. He has gathered significant experience in these fields by serving at a District Prosecutor’s Office for four years, as a regional prosecutor for a year and as a prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s Office for six years. Through his roles of Deputy Prosecutor General and Interim Prosecutor General, he was responsible for coordination and control of the activities of Prosecutors’ Offices, along with investigating institutions and Criminal Intelligence entities. In addition, he actively participated in the legislative process – as a member of the monitoring committees of the Code of Penal Procedure and Criminal Code Supervision created by the Minister of Justice, participated in the interdepartmental commission coordinating the fight against corruption formed by the Prime Minister, and other commissions.

Darius Raulušaitis has a master’s degree in law, having graduated from the Lithuanian Law Academy (now Mykolas Romeris University) and Vilnius University.

Notes Darius Raulušaitis: “After years of work in public service I am delighted to join SORAINEN’s strong Dispute Resolution Team, which is much appreciated by clients. With its clear system of values, SORAINEN is conscientious, open and seeks to contribute towards the success of clients – I certainly appreciate that. For my part, I will seek to continue my contribution towards the development of the Lithuanian legal system by improving criminal law and procedure.”

The SORAINEN Dispute Resolution Team consults and represents clients in local and international courts and arbitration institutions, mediation processes, honour and dignity cases, investment protection, asset tracing and recovery, debt collection, fraud prevention and other matters.