We provided pro bono assistance to the Latvian Children’s Palliative Care Society to carry out a photo project, “Bridges of Dreams”, in collaboration with the world-famous Precious Baby Project artist Angela Forker.

About the photo project

In Latvia, for over 600 families the dream of a sunny childhood has disappeared, but instead they have been able to find countless small and big dream bridges to live every day. Inspired by these children, the Children’s Palliative Care Society has begun to create a multifunctional care centre, Dream Bridges, to provide a happy, high-quality and full life to incurably ill children and their families.

The world-famous Precious Baby Project artist, Angela Forker (USA), is one of the great supporters for building this centre. Angela Forker visited Latvia to photograph 10 families with incurable children. She wanted to show that every baby is beautiful and loved. The message Angela brings to this world – that is Angela’s message through these works of art.

If you want to support this project, you can donate here.

Our contribution and our team

Our assistance included preparing the relevant contracts to engage the photographer, and ensuring the protection of copyright, as well as taking care of privacy issues for the children and parents to be displayed in the photographs. We were honoured to be part of this project.

The client was advised by partner Ieva Andersone and associate Jūlija Terjuhana.