We advised and represented a client in relation to securing a claim in Latvia in support of litigation initiated in Cyprus.

About the claim

Our client is a Cypriot company acting in financing other companies. The client had brought a claim against four respondents in a Cypriot court. As three of the respondents had assets within the territory of Latvia, we advised and represented the client in the Latvian court proceedings, where we sought to secure the claim in support of the litigation initiated in Cyprus pursuant to Regulation No. 1215/2012 (Brussels I Regulation (recast)).


During the proceedings we were faced with several legally complex and challenging questions, such as the jurisdiction of the Latvian court to hear the case, the application of foreign law in civil proceedings in the Latvian court, as well as the prima facie lawfulness of the claim brought before the Cypriot court. In addition, the claim in the Cypriot court was a civil claim arising from conspiracy to defraud, which is an unknown concept within the Latvian legal system.

The client was advised and represented by partner Valts Nerets and associate Elvis Grinbergs.